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Each of the sites below illustrates some aspect of web design that I consider to be important.

Allegheny Outfitters

Breeze Point Landing

Community Foundation of Warren County

Conley Resort and Waterpark

Farish Street Records - Dorothy Moore

Hyma Devore Lumber

Indiana Theater
League of Women Voters - Warren County

John Lippl - Attorney

MexAmerica Foods, Inc.

Pittsburgh Walking Tours

 Presbytery of Lake Erie

Upstreet Architects, Inc.

Warren and Forest Counties E.O.C.

Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry (WCCBI)

Usability should be the primary focus in effective web design. This means that a web site should be simple to use, easy to navigate, and intuitive to a wide range of users. A good designer strives to create a look and feel that is elegant, timeless and compelling.

As the world of the web moves away from being a "cool new toy" to a tool for information, research and productivity, web design must move with it. Web design must support your message, not draw attention from it. Therefore, web design must be done with restraint. 'Toys' such as animation and sound must be used judiciously and only when the content or product warrants it.

Many of the promises made concerning the web are yet to be realized by the vast majority of users. High-speed connections such as DSL are enjoyed by relatively few Americans, and fewer yet in the rest of the world. If you want your web site to involve the widest possible audience, the designer must take into consideration the speed limitations of dial-up connections.

The world of the web is not television. For most users, it is an information resource and productivity tool, not an entertainment medium. Web design must make information easily accessible. That is its core responsibility.

E-commerce is about meeting the needs of diverse customers quickly. Simplicity, ease of use and clear navigation are powerful web design tools that enhance the customer experience, and your bottom line as a business owner.

We not only designs web sites, we help businesses by designing web sites intelligently. We avoid the fads that go quickly out of style. We focus on what matters most to you and those you wish to share your message with. Anything that impedes your ability to communicate clearly to your customer is left out. That is what good web design is all about.

We invite you to CONTACT US when your business needs a web site. We can help you to make the Internet a integral part of your business toolkit.


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